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    La Isleta del Moro
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    This little corner in Almeria's Mediterranean Sea is a precious treasure

La Isleta del Moro
A charming Place

Isleta del Moro is a small fishing center located near Los Escullos, next to a colossal rock and an islet from which it receives its name, also called by fishermen "the whales", the one inside and the outside, because of their resemblance from the sea with the silhouette of these cetaceans.

Its natural anchorage protected from the rough seas of the Levant and the existence of natural springs meant that it was used in ancient times as a base by pirates from North Africa on their raids through the Spanish Levant.
It is thought that the Berber leader Mohamed Arráez, who arrived at the place, was the one who gave it its name..

Se piensa que el caudillo berberisco Mohamed Arráez, que llegó al lugar, fue quien le dio su nombre.

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Cabo de Gata Natural Park
Natural paradise

Cabo de Gata Natural Park is demarcated between the municipalities of Almería, Carboneras and Níjar (the latter being the one with the largest area). Níjar is the largest municipality in Almería, although the town is excluded from the protection of the park.

The municipality of Nijar extends from Sierra Alhamilla to Cabo de Gata, with a straight line distance of 25 km.
It is the first maritime-terrestrial park in Andalusia.
It is an area of high geological value of volcanic origin and the maritime-terrestrial protected area with the largest surface area and ecological relevance in the entire European Western Mediterranean Sea.
In addition, the beaches of Cabo de Gata are considered among the best beaches in Almería and all of Andalusia.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Diving la Isleta
Diving esperiences in Cabo de Gata
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